Baliplus Aluminum Barebones vs Armed Shark Aluminum Barebones

Baliplus Aluminum Barebones vs Armed Shark Aluminum Barebones

Recently, after Armed Shark, Baliplus also launched a clone version of Aluminum Barebones. The most obvious difference between them is the difference in color scheme, Armed Shark's color scheme is a bit richer and brighter. Another major difference is that Baliplus has an live-blade version, while Armed Shark only has a trainer version. Other than that, there are some subtle differences between them, which you can see by watching the video below. (The silver one is from Baliplus and the blue one is from Armed Shark.)

Through the video, we can clearly see that the Armed Shark Aluminum Barebones has a larger chamfer at the edge of the handle, which may make the grip feel a little better. Also, we can see that the gap between the two handles of Armed Shark Aluminum Barebones will be a bit larger.

In general, Baliplus' and Armed Shark's design philosophy is somewhat different: Baliplus pursues a 1:1 replica of the original balisong, while Armed Shark will do some improvements based on the original version.

So, which one will you prefer?




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