The Story of Baliplus

The Story of Baliplus

Hello, I am the founder of Baliplus, a butterfly knife enthusiast, has been immersed in this community for 8 years. Players usually called me the Principal.

In 2013, I was studying for my master's degree, and although I was only 29 years old, I was bedridden due to a herniated disc, and I was in a very depressed mood. By chance, I met a balisong, then loved flipping ever since. I went to study it like writing a thesis and could not extricate myself. God said: "Let there be light", so there is light in the world. Balisong is a light in my life, its essence is love, giving my life a new meaning and changing my life completely. I love it, so I want to let it become more complete.

In 2015, after two years of settling down, I began to make balisong, trying to change the balisong community in China—At that time, the butterfly knives made in China were basically cheap but of extremely low quality.

Happily, after several years of hard working, there have been more than a dozen series born. I injected all my knowledge and experience of balisong into it, creating 51, REP, Titanium 4, Big Fish and other explosive models. "Cost-effective, high quality" is no longer a slogan, it has become the real experience of thousands of players and enthusiasts.

Baliplus has a place in the hearts of players. I named my studio as Baliplus Balisong Academy, hoping that the win-win concept of "benefitting the community and having fun" will be implemented and enforced.
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